the single word: a cliche; the two words apart: a dialectic

Three Spiral Springs, 4inch hollow metal tube, each 13ft tall and 3ft in diameter, freestanding.

SUSTAIN/ABILITY was conceived and created in 2016 for the official participation of Greece in the 21st Triennale in Milan, Italy, responding to the theme of the exhibition "21st Century. Design After Design" and particularly to the focus of Triennale's scientific committee on Sustainability.

SUSTAIN/ABILITY proposes a dialectic arguing for sustaining design, and focuses, beyond sustainability in the environment, on sustainability in culture and society. This is not to reduce the importance of the environment, but to strengthen the argument that the societal fabric, the people, are a major part of the environment and the sustaining of their ability and hence Culture. It is imperative to focus attention on the need to sustain people's abilities, capacities and purpose. It is an attitude of resistance to the "gravity" of current events and a desire to present the resilience and energy of the human spirit.

The installation was on show from April 2nd to September 12th, 2016, at the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci, in Milan, under the patronage of the Greek Consulate-General in Milan.

In 2017 the work has been acquired by "T" Space, and is permanently installed on the grounds of T2 Reserve in Rhinebeck, New York.

Concept and Design
a collaboration between architects
Dimitra Tsachrelia, Eirini Tsachrelia and Nicholas Karytinos

Structural Analysis
Justin Den Herder, Ioannis Psaras

Paravalos, Greece

Lighting Design
Lianka Papakammenou

Project Team
Christina Lykoka, Gregorio Chierici, Ankenny Hernandez, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Efi -Ilda Oikonomidi, Walter J. Sueldo

Thank you
Steven Holl, Matteo Matesi, Margery Harter, Nikolaos Paspatakis, Oded C. Ashkenazi, Argento Construction NYC

This work is dedicated to Io Helene Holl